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  • How to use the Illustration Gallery

    The book illustration gallery contains all figures published in the book 'Irrigation Systems - Design, Planning and Construction'. In addition many supplementary figure images are published here that are not in the book. Pictures appearing in the book have the same figure number as in the book. Pictures with the prefix A appear only on this site and on the CD, and may be referred to in the book text.

    You are welcome to download these pictures, with appropriate acknowledgement if you use them for anything. High resolution versions are available on the CD.

    When you enter the gallery you are presented with 11 albums which correspond to each chapter of the book. Click on the thumbnail for the chapter you wish to view and you will be presented with a page of thumbnails for that chapter's figures (both published and supplementary). Use the page numbers at the bottom right of the page to click to other thumbnail pages. By default the figures are ordered to appear in sequence with supplementary figures appearing after the relevant published ones.

    By clicking on a figure thumbnail you are presented with an enlarged view of the image (if you need it even bigger you can click on this image to view it full size in another window). You can navigate back to the chapter thumbnail page using the folder icon top left, or use the forward and back arrows top right to go to the next/previous images.

    There are two tabs at the top of all image and thumbnail windows. The house icon takes you back to the chapter album thumbnails. The search tab brings up a page that allows you to search figure titles, descriptions, and keywords, for search terms of interest. The search will return a page(s) of thumbnails that can be viewed just like an album.

    Enter the Book Illustration Gallery.

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