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    Adrian Laycock is qualified in both Civil and Agricultural Engineering, and has over forty years experience on inter - disciplinary irrigation, civil engineering and agricultural projects. He graduated from Aberdeen University in 1969, and worked with civil engineering contractors and consultants before taking a Masters Degree in Soil and Water Engineering in 1973. In 1978 he established a specialist consultancy practice aimed at linking agriculture and civil engineering. He has extensive experience in the design, planning, construction and management of Irrigation and Water Resource Development Projects, with substantial computerised design expertise in canal systems, earth dams, weirs and related hydraulic structures. He is a specialist in trouble-shooting and rehabilitation of malfunctioning irrigation schemes, with an appreciation of the interrelated problems of agriculture, sociology, environmental effects, economics and institutional organisation. He has given numerous talks and lectures on various aspects of Irrigation.

    He has been primarily responsible for the introduction of precast parabolic canals to India, Indonesia and Pakistan, and of large-scale canal automation, large parabolic canals and low-pressure pipeline distribution systems to Pakistan and Sudan. He has worked in 28 countries, often as Team Leader or Chief Design Engineer on large projects, and in the course of conferences and study tours he has visited projects in USA, Brazil, Morocco, France, Netherlands, Spain and Greece and is familiar with all methods of irrigation including surface, sprinkler, trickle and micro-irrigation. Since 1998 he has been editor of the news magazine of International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, British Section. He also works as a more general civil engineer in Scotland, on a variety of projects from housing to small dams, water treatment, sewerage and hydropower.

    He is author of a much sought-after book on Irrigation System Design planning and Construction published by CABI in 2007.

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    Academic Qualifications

    • B.Sc(Eng) Hons in Civil Engineering, University of Aberdeen, 1969
    • M.Sc(Agr Eng), Soil & Water Engineering, NCAE, Silsoe, 1973
    • Short course on Irrigation, Dams and tropical water-borne diseases, NCAE, Silsoe, 1983
    • Short course on CDM regulations, role of Planning Supervisor, Thomas Telford, 1999

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    Professional Societies

    • Fellow, Institution of Civil Engineers, 1992 (Member, 1975)
    • Member, American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 1980-1997
    • Member, International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (British National Committee member 1997 - present)
    • Member, Concrete Society (1968 - present)
    • Member, British Institute of Agricultural Consultants (1984- 2001)
    • Member, British Hydropower Association

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    Special Fields

    • Irrigation
    • Water Management
    • Water Resource Planning
    • Design, Construction Supervision and Feasibility Studies for Irrigation and Micro Hydropower
    • Canals
    • Earth Dams
    • Land Drainage
    • Flood Control
    • Pumping Stations
    • Micro Hydropower
    • Low-pressure pipelines
    • Computer-aided design
    • Automation of canal irrigation systems
    • Co-ordination and Management of inter-disciplinary projects.

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    Country Experience & Languages


    • Afghanistan
    • Albania
    • Armenia
    • Belgium
    • Botswana
    • Brunei
    • Burma
    • Denmark
    • Ethiopia
    • Germany
    • Greece
    • India
    • Indonesia
    • Italy
    • Kazakstan
    • Kirgystan
    • Malaysia
    • Nigeria
    • Pakistan
    • Sri Lanka
    • Sudan
    • Switzerland
    • Syria
    • Tanzania
    • United Kingdom
    • Uzbekistan
    • Zambia
    • Zimbabwe


    English, French, Indonesian

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    Selected Projects - Irrigation & Water Resources Overseas

    2010 - 2011 ARMENIA
    Technical Auditor for Millennium Challenge Corporation Irrigation Rehabilitation Program

    2004-2006 SUDAN,- Merowe Irrigation Project.
    Feasibility and Detailed Design. (Chief Design Engineer).

    2001 INDIA, Yeleru Left Bank Canal Rehabilitation.

    1999-2000 ALBANIA
    Feasibility studies for rehabilitation of irrigation schemes up to 9,000 hectares.

    1995-2003 PAKISTAN, Pehur High Level Canal Project, North-West Frontier Province.
    Design & construction (Chief Design Engineer).

    1998 PAKISTAN,- Ballar Area, North -West Frontier Province.

    1998 GREECE, - Lake Koronia rehabilitation, Makedonia.
    Master Planning study.

    Review mission for EU.

    1991-94 PAKISTAN, Swabi SCARP Irrigation Rehabilitation Project, North -West Frontier Province.
    Rehabilitation Design & construction.

    1990-91 INDIA, WYTEP Training & Extension Programme, Karnataka State.
    Irrigation Operation and Maintenance Training Programme

    1987-90 INDIA, North Kanara Integrated Development Project, Karnataka State.
    Rehabilitation of small scale irrigation projects

    1989 PAKISTAN, Talli Flood Irrigation Project, Baluchistan.

    1987 SYRIA, El Ghab Irrigation Project.
    Feasibility study for rehabilitation of 46,000 hectare irrigation project.

    1986 ZAMBIA, Kateshi and Ngoli Coffee Projects.

    1985-86 BURMA, Small Scale Irrigation Projects.
    Feasibility Study of 20 small-scale irrigation projects

    1985 INDONESIA, Madiun and East Java Groundwater Projects.
    Canal Lining Specialist

    1984 BRUNEI, Bukit Beruang and Kampong Rataie Resettlement Schemes.
    Urban Drainage design

    1982-84 INDONESIA, Pelaihari Sugar Project.
    Dam design

    1982-83 INDONESIA, Takalar Sugar Project.
    Design and construction

    1981-82 ETHIOPIA, Finchaa Sugar Project.
    Pre-design investigations

    1980-81 TANZANIA, Rufiji Basin Prefeasibility Study.

    1979-80 SRI LANKA, Irrigation System Trials, Mahaweli Project.
    Design, supervision of pilot project

    1979 NIGERIA, Kafin Zaki Dam, Jamaare River.
    Planning study for reservoir operation

    1979 NIGERIA, Dindima Dam, Gongola River.
    Planning study for water resource development

    1978 SRI LANKA
    Victoria Scheme Prefeasibility Study, Mahaweli Ganga Development Project.

    1978 NIGERIA
    Donga Basin Prefeasibility Study.

    1973-77 NIGERIA
    Design, Feasibility and Investigation work on numerous multi-disciplinary projects.

    1970-71 ZIMBABWE
    Design of concrete structures, water supply, sewerage schemes, and earth dams.

    1969-70 ZAMBIA
    Site supervision of heavy steelwork and reinforced concrete structures.
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    Selected Projects - Environmental Engineering, UK

    2012-2016 SCOTLAND
    Drimlee hydro - 400kW high head (300m)
    Lephinchapel hydro - 90kW
    Glenorchy Farm hydro - 90kW
    Auchtertyre hydro - 100kW
    Rannachan hydro - 300kW
    Allt Utha hydro - 500 kW
    Torluisk Hydro - 100kW
    Ardnacross hydro - 100kW
    Harlaw Dam community hydro - 80kW
    Kingussie community hydro - 15kW
    Creagan farm hydro - 30kW
    Phoines hydro - 100kW
    Glenprosen hydro - 100 kW
    Druimavuaich hydro - 650kW
    Stronchullin hydro - 100kW
    Forest Estate hydro - 75 kW
    Annat Farm hydro - 225kW
    Gortein hydro - 100kW
    Bearnach Dam - earthfill reconstruction for a fishing loch
    Delbog dam - earthfill reconstruction for a fishing loch.
    Strachur Dam - earthfill dam to boost hydropower output
    Glenure House Dam - earthfill dam to boost hydropower output
    Ardnacross Dam - earthfill dam to boost hydropower output

    2000-2011 SCOTLAND
    Achnacree hydro - converting existing arch gravity dam for 100kW hydropower
    Barguillean hydro - multi-intake high head (170m) scheme for 100 kW
    Laggan hydro - multi-intake high head (130m) scheme for 100 kW
    Glencreran hydro - single intake medium head (65m) for 100 kW
    Pitmain hydro - 700 kW high head (200m) and 100 kW low head (24m)
    Pitmain flood relief scheme, Kingussie
    Gynack Dam rehabilitation, Kingussie
    Strachur hydro - single intake high head (170m) 400 kW
    Blairmore hydro - single intake high head (120m) 100 kW
    Ardmaddy Dam and hydro - 100 kW
    Eddleston Dam. 5m high earthfill with GCL membrane
    Easter Cammock ponds - 3m high earthfill dams
    Ardencaple ponds - 3m high earthfill dams
    Glenfeochan Dam. multi-zoned earth dam and 2 hectare lake, including river training works.
    Barmore Dam - zoned earthfill dam on deep peat and glacial till.
    Coignafearn Hydropower project. Rockfill dam with silt core 9m high.
    Tobermory hydro project - earthfill dam with GCL membrane.
    Melfort Dam - clay core and peat embankment dam.
    Glencruiten Dam - earthfill with GCL membrane.
    Shellachan Dam - rockfill with plastic membrane.

    2000-2011 SCOTLAND
    Design and planning for over 50 micro hydro electric schemes up to 1 MW.

    2000-2006 SCOTLAND
    Design and installation of 80 small private water supply and sewage disposal schemes including reed beds.

    2002 ENGLAND
    Design of reed beds for a worm farm.

    2001 SCOTLAND
    Design and construction of reed beds for agricultural slurry treatment.

    1999 SCOTLAND
    Environmental impact study for an aggregate quarry.

    1998 SCOTLAND
    Concrete recycling plant. Design, construction and supervision.

    1997 SCOTLAND
    Fish Farm. Investigations into technical viability investigations for deep water fish farm.

    1993 SCOTLAND
    Pumped Drainage Scheme, Elgin. Investigations into poor performance.

    1992 SCOTLAND
    Micro Hydro-electric scheme, Isle of Mull. Feasibility and design.

    1988 SCOTLAND
    Micro Hydro-electric Scheme Argyll. Planning, feasibility and design.

    1987 SCOTLAND
    Glen Urquart, Inverness. Study into hydrological effects of forestry planting.

    1987 SCOTLAND
    Achnashelloch Dam, Argyll. Design, hydrological studies and construction supervision.

    1986-87 SCOTLAND
    Fish Farm, Isle of Jura. Design of sea-water pumping station.

    1986-87 SCOTLAND
    Fish Farm, Argyll. Design of sea-water pumping installation.

    1986 SCOTLAND
    Loch Awe, Argyll. Study into the hydrological effects of forestry planting.

    1985 SCOTLAND
    Ardmaddy Hydro-electric scheme, Argyll. Feasibility and design of two small rockfill dams.

    1985 SCOTLAND
    Achnaba Dam, Argyll. Investigation, hydrological study, detailed design and construction supervision.

    1985 SCOTLAND
    Argyll and Jura. Water Resources and hydrological study for proposed forest estates.

    1984 SCOTLAND
    Torrisdale, Kintyre. Hydrological Study into the effects of forestry planting.

    1971 ENGLAND
    Design of sewerage scheme and River Mole flood alleviation works. Construction supervision of seawall.
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    Publications and Presentations

    • "Pehur High Level Canal, NWFP Pakistan" - Proceedings.ICE Water Management Journal -paper P13967, September 2005.
      (winner of the overseas prize of the Institution of Civil Engineers, 2006).
    • "Irrigation in North West Frontier of Pakistan- the Pehur High Level Canal" - ICID, Institution of Civil Engineers, London, October 2003.
    • "Semi-closed pipeline brings flexible irrigation to Pakistan" - ASAE Fourth National Irrigation Symposium - Phoenix Arizona, November 2000.
    • "Automation of the Pehur High Level Canal" - Pakistan Institute of Engineers, Tarbela, September 1999.
    • "Parabolic Canal Design on the Pehur High Level Canal Project" - Pakistan Institute of Engineers, Tarbela, December 1998.
    • "Water - Too Little, Too Much" - Royal Academy of Engineering / IDNDR Disaster Day Lecture, Glasgow, October 1997.
    • "The Pehur High Level Canal - first steps towards automation of Pakistan's canal system",- CEMAGREF workshop on Regulation of Irrigation Canals: State of the Art of Research and Applications, Marrakech, April 1997.
    • "Design of a large parabolic-section canal in North West Frontier Province, Pakistan",- IRI Seminar on Canal Lining and seepage, Lahore, June 1996.
    • "Water Resources Management On The Upper Swat Canal / Pehur High Level Canal System", - International Conference on Water Resources, Peshawar University of Engineering, Pakistan, November 1994.
    • "Parabolic Precast Canals, - Revelation and Revolution in Pakistan", IWASRI Workshop on Canal Lining, Lahore, October 1993.
    • Visiting lecturer at WEDC, Loughborough University of Technology, 1991. Subjects:- Irrigation Canals, Pumps, Water Management.
    • "Trouble Shooting on Small Irrigation Schemes" - International Irrigation Management Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Feb 1991.
    • "Trouble Shooting on Small Irrigation Schemes" - Institute of Hydrology, England, October 1990.
    • "Parabolic Canals" - ICID, Institute of Civil Engineers, London, 1987.
    • "Tubewells Improve Java's Irrigation" - World Water, Oct 1985.
    • "Irrigation in the North -Western USA" - ICID, Institution of Civil Engineers, London, 1984.
    • "Management aspects of Smallholder Irrigation Schemes" - Proc. ICID 12th Congress, Fort Collins, 1984.

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